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Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection

✨ Sketch on paper, sync effortlessly

📝 Erasable & Reusable

🔊 One-click voice recording

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  • 30-Day Guarantee
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How It Works

Simply write or draw on the erasable paper, and watch your creations sync in real-time to your device. Tap to change pen color or thickness, and record your voice with one click. The best part? It's erasable and reusable!

Satisfaction Assurance

If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days, just send it back to us and we'll give you a full refund.

Shipping Info

We offer fast and reliable shipping on all orders. All orders are processed within 24 -48 hours. You can expect to receive it within 7-10 business days based on your location.

Please contact our customer service team for assistance if you have any questions or concerns about your shipment.

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"As a traditional artist, I've always preferred paper and struggle with digital art. This is a lifesaver!"

- Sophia, Envision Creatives LLC

Unleash Your Creativity with SmartScript Pro™

Experience the tactile joy of drawing on paper while seamlessly transitioning to digital art. SmartScript Pro™ makes it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Why SmartScript Pro™ is Going Viral

  • Effortless Syncing

    Connect your drawings to your devices in real-time.

  • ♻️ Reusable Paper

    Eco-friendly and cost-effective, just wipe and reuse.

  • 🔊 Advanced Recording

    Capture voice and pen strokes simultaneously for detailed review.

Erasable & Reusable

Write, draw, and sync effortlessly. Wipe off notes and drawings from the reusable paper with wet wipes. SmartScript Pro™ is designed to be user and eco-friendly.

Handwritten Notes Transcription

SmartScript Pro™ transcribes over 70 languages, including mathematical symbols, ensuring global convenience.


How does it sync notes to the phone?

The SmartScript has a built-in intelligent writing system, which captures your writing trajectory through a specially designed algorithm combined with a unique micro-dot pattern and a built-in infrared camera. Your handwritten and drawn content can be synchronized to the app and then saved in the cloud so that you won't lose your notes!

Does the Smartpen need a battery?

Yes and it is rechargeable! A fully charged Smartpen can work continuously for up to 6 hours.

Is the app compatible with both IOS and Android?

Absolutely! You can find the app on both the App Store and Google Play. Detailed instructions for downloading the app are included in our manual.

Can I use the Smartpen on other kinds of paper?

Unfortunately, no. Our high-tech paper contains a unique micro-dot pattern that detects and sends signals to your phone. This is also why you can "magically" switch color by just tapping on the paper. Therefore, our Smartpen only works with our paper if you would like to sync your work to your phone.

However, you can still use the pen as a normal pen, but that would be a bit of a waste of its smart features!

Are there only 4 colors (Red, Green, Blue, and Black) available for the pen?

No! You can click on the color wheel inside the app to choose any color you like.

Is there any delay in syncing?

No! Our Smartpen's high-speed infrared camera captures your sketches instantly, as well as our high-tech paper contains a unique micro-dot pattern, that detects and sends signals to your phone, ensuring no delays.

What's your return policy?

See our Return Policy

How do I get in contact?

Please use our contact us and a member of the team will respond to you within 24 hours.

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